Medical oxygen generators

Our prime aim is to establish long-term professional relations based on transparency and reliability.

OGSI offers a complete range of Oxygen Generators for all types and sizes of healthcare facilities, from a few beds to several thousands. Systems can be integrated in technical rooms or plug and play containers.

Key features:

  • Constant flow of up to 93% (±3%) or 95% (±1%) oxygen purity at 45-60 psig
  • Various power options available
  • All pressure vessels are designed to meet ASME code (Section VIII, Div 1) or PED 2068/14EC
  • Electrical components and connections meet UL or CE standard
  • Systems are built to conform to USP Monograph and CSA Std. (PSA O2 93%), as well as to European Monograph 93.

Flow rate:

  • From 25 to 5000 SCFH
  • From 0.7 to 131 Nm3/h

Also Available from OGSI:

  • Air Prep Units
  • Cylinder Filling Systems
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Skid & Containerized solutions

Disclaimer : Oxygen Generators are not approved for sale in USA for direct connection to a hospital oxygen supply system, approved for cylinder filling only under FDA pharmaceutical CGMP guidelines.  OGSI Oxygen Generators are registered with FDA as a Class II “Export Device” under FDA COE for unlimited global use outside the USA.

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