Air prep systems

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OGSI is capable to supply your full oxygen plant, from compressed air supply to oxygen delivery. OGSI Air Prep Systems are composed of a screw lubricated compressor, a refrigerant dryer, filtration, and an air receiver. Perfectly fitted to each OGSI generator, they are tested with each oxygen generator at our factories.

Main features & Benefits:

  • Lubricated screw air compressor
  • Removable side panels for easy maintenance
  • Noise insulated cabinet
  • Air treatment system, refrigerant technology
  • Air receiver (horizontal or vertical)
  • The most cost-effective compression solution
  • Designed to be connected to the oxygen generator and monitored through the generator

Outlet parameters

  • Clean and dry air in compliance with ISO 8573-1
  • Air filtration – max solid particles size : µm : 25
  • Air filtration – max oil concentration g/m3: 0.01
  • Pressure: 10 barg / 145 psig
  • Dew point: + 3 °C / 37 F

Flow rate:

From 33 m3/h @10 barg to 621 m3/h @10 barg
From 19 cfm @ 145 psig to 365 cfm @145 psig

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