On-site high pressure filling

OGSI full range of High Pressure Filling Units is designed to fill every day up to more than 100 cylinders of medical oxygen. Filling pressure ranges from 1500 psig (100 barg) to 2900 psig (200 barg).

Connected to an OGSI oxygen generator, they complete the oxygen plant by providing total autonomy to end-users.

Main features & Benefits:

  • Oxygen compressor – oil free
  • Hoses & connections according to your standards (CGA, BS, DIN, NF, or other standards upon request)
  • Rack to hold cylinders
  • Designed to fill back-up cylinders for complete autonomy
  • Long service life (low RPM)

Options & Additional Equipment

  • Cylinders
  • Preventive Maintenance Kits
  • Automatic Change Over system
  • Full oxygen plant including generator, feed air system
  • Skid mounting and containerized solutions
  • Pressure reducer to healthcare facility piping network
Maximum filling flow rate:
  • From 1.2 to 36.0 m3/h
  • From 0.7 to 21.0 cfm
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