OGSI Medical AGSS Systems ensure the elimination of all residual anesthetic gases in the operating theater or in the recovery room, protecting the medical staff from potentially hazardous exposure to those gases.

With capacities up to 3×250 m3/h, our solutions cover the needs of all types of healthcare facilities, in accordance with all current regulatory standards.

Key features:

  • Compliant with 93/42 EC, HTM 02-01 and EN ISO 7396-2 standards
  • Simplex, Duplex, Triplex blower configuration allowing continuous operation
  • Automatic system with central control panel
  • Remote alarm reporting
  • Remote on / off switch (optional)
  • Includes vacuum breaker valve, no return valve and filtering system
  • Multiple configurations: skid or vertical

Flow rate:

  • At 50Hz: From 2 x 50 m3/h to 2 x 250 m3/h
  • At 60Hz: From 2 x 75 m3/h to 2 x 330 m3/h
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